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And the Winner is…./New Caption Contest

 And the Winner is…

blog pics 431

Dianne with, “Gladys! Hold me up, Oy! The shock is about to kill me. He says he’s my grandson and he has papers”


New Caption Contest… 

church folk

“After church, we’ll make a quick visit to the Planned Parenthood clinic to see if we can convince them to reconsider setting up shop here in God’s county.”

Beat my caption. You’ll win a big beautiful blue link, international recognition, and maybe a little wrath or smiting. Good Luck!   



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  1. Haha…hilarious! I need to scour your blog for missed posts tonight. Been missing all the fun!

    Comment by The Juicer | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Scour away. If you need some Chore Boy, I have a lot left and nothing to do with it.

      Thanks Juicer!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 2, 2009 | Reply

      • Dear Chore boyfriend,
        Which one would you recommend I start with? Step out of your author shoes now:)

        Comment by The Juicer | November 2, 2009 | Reply

        • I think you should read them all my Juicer. Every post that I’ve ever written in my entire blog life. The report will be due Friday. Good Luck!!

          Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. I didn’t even have to use my A.K.

    I gotta say it was a good day.

    Comment by Candice | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Haha, who said you’re no good at captions. That sums it up pretty well!

      Thanks Candice!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. Members of Brigham Young University’s Russian Mafia Student Organization vow revenge after being kicked off campus following a shootout with the Sons of the Confederacy at a local park over the weekend. The group’s president, Vladamir Sharapova, said the two groups were just doing a modern reenactment of The Mountain Meadows Massacre. “It’s like Civil War reenactments, but done with modern weaponry” said Sharapova. But, school officials said that their are strict rules against any school organization being coed and noted that there is a lot of speculation that one of the members of the club is either “gay or at least bisexual.”

    Comment by Jay | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • That is fucking brilliant. You have a whole back-story worked in. I love it!

      Thanks Jay!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Ha! Hilarious…

      Comment by bschooled | November 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. At Wood Hollow Pond Community Baptist Center this week, the Rapture Ready weekly meeting was blessed with a visit from the Jenks family. Jimmy John along with his younger brother Jessie Jack and sister Jenny Jane showed the redeeming values of high powered automatic weapons to blast your way through the Pearly Gates if you wake one morning only to find you’ve been left behind by mistake.

    Comment by Micky-T | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • And yet another excellent entry! Can you blast your way through the pearly gates? That would make for a lot more people in heaven than I had thought.

      Thanks Micky!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  5. I am not worthy Scott!! thanks
    meanwhile anyone who follows my pretty blue recognition link will find a freakin’ Nana cooing about babies in bee costumes and elder cats
    I am one complex ho

    for this pic I’m feeling – FOX News reports that key members of the Palin/Beck 2012 campaign held their inaugural meeting this weekend.

    Comment by dianne | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • You are more than worthy Dianne; you are the champion! I love you cat and bambino posts. And I’m definitely feeling this week’s entry as well!

      Thanks Dianne!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  6. Take the photo already! Daddy’s going to show Tommy how to shoot the puffy sleeves off my dress with his new gun

    Comment by nursemyra | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • No that would be one hell of a bible belt style circus act!

      Thanks Nursemyra!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  7. At this country club, we have our ways to deal with cheaters. And don’t you dare get that golf cart off the path.

    Comment by David | November 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Or we will show you the real meaning of a handicap. Good one!

      Thanks David!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  8. The kids had dad’s understated chin and their sister’s piercing blue eyes.

    Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Perfect subtlety. I love incestrial (not a word) humor!

      Thanks CLT!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  9. “When God’s word isn’t enough… send in the Puritans!”

    Comment by Ramblin' Rooster | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Who will unleash God’s wrath upon the heathens…

      Thanks Rooster!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  10. The two kids are thinking (thought bubbles here) the following regarding their stepdad:

    Boy: “What a tool Jeff is, he’s so not clutch.”

    Girl: “Dude, what’s up with the Brady Bunch turtleneck?”

    Comment by fundamentaljelly | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • You perfectly encapsulated the lingo of the era FJ! And I agree with the boy; that dude is sooo not clutch.

      Thanks FJ!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  11. …”Three of Sarah Palin’s long lost children prepare for the 1970 Pebble Beach Moose Hunt”…

    Comment by phfrankie bondo | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Perhaps lost on a ill-forsaken moose hunt?

      Thanks Phrankie!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  12. What the??? I can’t even begin to touch that one…

    “hey kids, make sure you’ve got the GOOD oozie. This could be our holiday card shot.”

    Comment by Candy | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • My initial reaction was also WTF? And considering that I found this gem on Awkward Family Photos, I think that you may be right on your Christmas card insight.

      Thanks Candy!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

  13. Hahaha!

    I like yours, Scott. You win!

    But I’ll give it a try…

    It was another awkward family photograph for the kids. As always, Jimmy, unsure what to do with his hands, stuck them in his pockets, and fashion plate, Tina, let them hang like cumbersome appendages. And once again, dad, was the only one who knew what to do with his hands.

    Comment by alantru | November 3, 2009 | Reply

    • Alan… You’re back!? Or are you?!

      The hands have always been the natural nemesis of elegant family photography. What in the hell do you do with them? Well, daddy has finally figured this problem out. Hold the new gun! And it’ll be sure to send a gentle reminder to the neighbors to bring back the God damned weed whacker.

      Thanks Alan, it’s great to see you!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 3, 2009 | Reply

      • Hey Scott,

        I’m like the wind. I come and go. No wait, that sucks. I’m like a cold sore. I appear and after ointment has been applied, I vanish. Okay, not very fond of that one either… I’m like a hot flash, suddenly I’m there, I make you hot and sweaty and uncomfortable and then mysteriously and thankfully, I end. Wait, I can do better. I’m like gas. I happen and then I linger and then I’m gone. Hmm, not very favorable. I’m like money. No, I’m like a paycheck. I arrive once a week and before you know it I’m all used up. No, I’m like the wind! Wait, I already said that. Let me get back to you…

        Comment by alantru | November 4, 2009 | Reply

        • Maybe your like a Fox network drama….or an ABC sitcom, you’re here…then you go away, then you come back revamped…..but then you go away again. No, that’s not right. Maybe you’re like John Travolta…..you’re here, then you go away, then you come back cooler than ever! Maybe you’re doing what we all need to be doing and focusing on writing to make money? If so …..call me!

          Thanks Alan!!

          Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 5, 2009 | Reply

  14. See honey – he does want to marry you after all!

    Comment by betterlife | November 4, 2009 | Reply

    • That’s very good, I hadn’t even thought of that angle!

      Thanks Betterlife!!

      Comment by Scott Oglesby | November 5, 2009 | Reply

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