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Winner/Bonus Shot/New Caption Contest

And the winner is….  


Matt-Man with, “Mom!?  Dad!?  Tommy’s pet rabbit has been in Barry Bonds’ yard again!!” And Frigginloon with, “I see dead rabbits.” Another twofer this week so they have Solomon’s parable to deal with. Will they cut the kitten in half? I hope not….. 

Bonus shot….


This is Paco. Paco is just one of my spectacularly drunken (and lovable) Spanish neighbors. There are many more men named Paco. And there are many more spectacularly drunken neighbors. 



 New caption contest….

“Listen up you two. I just found out that Santa is fake, the Easter Bunny got hit by a car, and Jesus hates us and wants us to die. But daddy said if we don’t take a nice picture then he’s going to shoot Fido. Ok, ready,…smile!”

Just beat my caption to win a bright blue link, international recognition and your chance for bible lessons from a Zen master. -That’s me.


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