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Jesse James info

Sex: Hell yea

Birth date: 4-19-1969-hell yea

Current City: 90210 bitch

Relationship Status: Married

Looking for: How about some f**king discretion

Activities: Building Choppers, staying sober, casual dining, everything tattoo, sunsets, and long walks on the beach.

Interests: Bikes not booze, babes not blow, crack not crack, hotties not heroin.

Music: Luther Vandross, Barry White, anything by Rhapsody, and bad jazz.   

TV Shows: I don’t watch TV.

Movies: Every Jesse James movie ever made. My great, great grandpa was the original Jesse James’ cousin!

Books: How to’s and do it yourselfs’. And anything about my relation Jesse James.

Quotes: “I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments” –Morrison. “God is Dead” –Nietzsche

About Me: I’m a soft-spoken, self starter who will ‘get er done.’ I’ve perfected the arts of being ‘grownup cute’ and having puppy dog eyes. I’ve worked hard and married above my station. I’m a humble, good guy. (Even though I’m related to Jesse James)


Jesse James Wall

Recent Activity

March 7th Jesse James– My beautiful and talented wife brought home the gold (and the bacon lol) again! SO proud of you hunny!

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March 8th Jesse James found the secret stash in Mafia Wars and needs your help to launder it.

March 13th Jesse James– Wifey is dragging me to a stupid thing at stupid Wal-Mart tonight.

~Stedman Graham– I know how it can be….stinks sometimes. But hey, they’ll probably have cake!

~K-Fed– Brit always used to make me go to those wack-ass promo things. But as long as homegirl is stackin that paper it’s all good in the hood! Yo call me. I need a fiz-avor!


March 14th Brad Pitt– Dude. Stop calling me. It was just a movie. Just because I played a character doesn’t mean I want a history class. I heard he’s not even your uncle or whatever you say he is any-damn-way. No, I don’t want to ‘hang out’ with you, so leave me the hell alone.

~Jesse James– I’ll email you later but I just found something about Robert Ford on Wiki that I think you’ll be interested in. It seems that in……

          Read more……


March 15th Jesse James– Oh that lying, stinking, Irish skank! Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame! I hope nobody believes this crap. I wouldn’t f**k her with Donald Trump’s dick!

Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant, and Bill Clinton Like This.

~K-Fed– Them dirty bitches be lyin man! I got your back yo. Call me when you get a minute.

~Bill Clinton– I feel your pain brother. As long as you didn’t leave any ‘DNA’ you should be ok. And oral isn’t sex. If that’s what you did. Is that what you did? If you have any video or photographic evidence of anything send it to me and I’ll be happy to take care of it.

~Jesse James– Now Sandra moved out. I’m finished.

~K-Fed– House Partay!

~Tiger Woods– Look Jesse, lying in these situations doesn’t get you anywhere but in a deep sand trap of shit. Too many people are trying to knock you down when you’re on top of the world. I should know. You need to just man-up and handle your business. Squash this shit while you have the chance!

~ K-Fed– @Tiger “Handle your business? Man up? Squash this?” You sound blacker than me for once. Congratulations.


March 17th Jesse James changed his relationship status to ‘it’s complicated.’

March 18th Tim McGraw– You are a piece of shit, you know that? She’s way too good for you, and I done told her that too. I hope you go straight to hell you slimy …..biker guy.

~Jesse James– FUCKYOU YOU REDNECK FUCK! You don’t want to make me mad. You won’t like me when I’m mad. You don’t know my bloodline, so back the fuck off!

~Tim McGraw– Oh look at the class! I know you’re not related to the REAL Jesse James, everybody knows that. You’re making yourself look like a fool. And I never liked you!

~Jesse James– I’ll bet you’re right there with the shoulder to cry on huh? Hey I have an idea! Why don’t you take your shit-kicking hat, shove it up your shit-kicking ass, and mosey right the fuck back to whatever shit-kicking town you came from. GO CHEW ON SOME HAY YOU FUCKING FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~K-Fed– @Tim- Yea fuck you!


March 18th Jay Leno– Sorry if this is a bad time but is my Chopper done yet? It’s like two months behind schedule and I feel like I’m being a little disrespected. I’m just saying…..

March 20th Mel Gibson– Jesse you really need to call your sponsor and get to a meeting. Nobody has seen you for awhile and we are all worried and praying for you. Maybe now would be a good time to accept Christ into your heart?

~Alice Cooper- Mel’s right, call me.


March 22nd Jesse James– I made my amends. I’ve done everything I can do. People (Sandra and ‘friends’) need to forgive me and forget about it. Is she going to have a heart and take me back? What do you guys think????

~Tiger Woods– You have to be patient. Keep with the sad faces and things will eventually work themselves out. It does help to be the main bread-winner of the family though. 

~Mark Sanford– No. Women are spiteful, hateful creatures. She’ll be on Stewart next month promoting a book she wrote about your inadequate penis size. We should move to South America and live the good life.

~ Hugh Grant– Can’t say. These birds are bloody unpredictable. Idn’t it?

~Kobe Bryant– Were you found innocent in court? @Tiger- yea man, that cash do help.

~K-Fed– If not I got two words for you…Alimony! I can put you in touch with my guy, he’s a beast!! You still didn’t call me yet?  

~Bill Clinton– If you can convince her it was only oral…then yes, she’ll come back. (but she’ll be bitchy like forever) Was it oral? Send me a tape. Yea?      

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