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Spanish fashion backward

This country is a true mixed bag of polar opposites Madrid and Barcelona are as fashion forward and culturally elite as you can find anywhere on the planet. However walking down the same streets you will witness some of the worst trends and fads that have been abandoned by the rest of the world decades ago.

The mullet is still alive and kicking here and also reproducing as evidenced by so many 7-14 year old kids sporting a tail. You can still find people wearing disco outfits complete with the headbands actually roller skating down the street. No not roller blading, I said roller skating. One of the biggest trends I’ve seen this year is the old favorite- white patent leather everything, belts, hats, shoes, and jackets. If you’re going leather it’s got to be blanco.

 Girls still wear stirrup pants with ankle boots, with my all-time favorite huge hair. I mean Peg Bundy hair. Actually Peg Bundy must be an icon here, and there are many imitators but who can compare to the original? Actually they do come pretty close.

 The number one best selling fashion item of all time here though is with out a doubt the blue pant. It’s a virtual right of passage that on your 40th birthday you throw out every trouser of ever other color and material except the blue cotton pant. It’s a way of class identification here. If you’re not a professional then you will don the blue pant for the rest of your life. I’ve lived here almost a full year now and have never seen any of the ‘blue pants people’ wear anything else. EVER. Maybe they are really a lost tribe of Moroccan blue men camel herders awaiting rescue from their Spanish captors. I can’t think of any other explanation. This is where Homer Simpson shops for formal wear. A large majority of the people here are short, and they do favor white hats, so this must be where the creator of the smurfs got the idea.

The old woman in a village, are a lot more open to creativity. They will either chose between a black dress, or a black dress covered with an apron. They are always sure to show off their beautifully visible slip and ankle hose.

You will also see a lot of tee-shirts written in English; unfortunately both the spelling and usage are usually completely wrong. I’ve seen the “See-World Adventure Parcs”  “I’m a stallion of Italian” and “don’t worry be smiley”. Like I’ve said before, this is the best bang for your people watching buck anywhere.

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