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Winner/Bonus Shot/New Caption Contest


And the winner is…..



In an unprecedented decision, mostly due to my inability to make a decision, we have two co-champions of last week’s caption contest…..Bschooled with, “Can you hear me now?” And Dianne with, “We caught up with The Tea Party candidate for President in 2012 at his campaign headquarters. Red Woody Johnson promises to stay on the phone until Sarah Palin agrees to be his running mate.” I felt that they were both winners, so they both won!  

Bonus Shot….


The view from MECINA BOMBARON.


New Caption Contest…. 



Mr. and Mrs. Blake happily agreed on a wedding night activity that they would both enjoy. They had it their way.

Just beat my caption to win a fabulous blue link, international recognition and early onset diabetes!

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Winner/Bonus Photo/New Caption Contest


 And the winner is…….




Jay with….“Jimbo and Shastina seemed to have it all. Looks, money and the most awesome pet parrot in the world. Then one day it all when horribly wrong. After a night of partying, Max the Parrot went into a drunken, drug fueled rage after listening to Cole Porter albums backwards and murdered both Jimbo and Shanstina in their sleep.”       

I just couldn’t resist the image of the parrot killing the couple. I’m sick like that.           

Bonus Photo….. 


A sunset from my old dock in Florida. I'm a sappy sucker for sunsets.

New Caption Contest….. 


I’m telling you Jimbo, that is part of the rationale that the Fed espouses with its low interest rate regime. Not only does it allow banks to repair their balance sheets, it also encourages investors to put money into riskier assets in order to get some return on their investments. Over $260 billion has gone into bond funds this year, and just $2.6 billion into stock funds. However, you have to balance that with the fact that some $400 billion has left money market funds paying less than 0.2%. So there is some movement to capture yield. Then we can buy us some more brews!!

Sorry for using the same photo twice in two posts, but this was way too good to pass up. Anyway, just beat my caption to win international recognition, a stunning blue link and your own ‘porch potty!’                              



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