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Winner/Bonus Shot/New Caption Contest


And the winner is…. 


The winner by popular consensus, and because I said so is Jay with, “I think I’m going to go into the priesthood.  And, I’m going to start practicing right after this picture is taken.” Because pedophilia makes us smile! 


Bonus shot…. 

This is one of the things I love about living in rural, Southern Spain; the apocalypse could occur and I wouldn’t know for weeks.

 New Caption Contest….  

-January 30th 1965- The Cheney family receives fresh intel that The Kenyan has arrived on the big island.

I know that the dates don’t match up but I don’t care. You are supposed to beat me after all. So all you have to do now is bring the pain. By ‘beat me,’ I mean beat my caption. And by ‘bring the pain,’ I mean bring funny captions. Even though I think the outfits are cool and kinda sexy, I’m not into actual pain. Sorry. 

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New Caption Contest

Beat my caption. But remember; my safety word is ‘ouch.’

Since I’m under the weather and Dayquiled out of my head, I brought the Caption Contest out of retirement. Whoever comes up with the funniest one will win a beautiful blue link and international recognition. The winner will be revealed next Monday!  

blog pics 431

What do you think hunny bunny? 15E for a genuine Dolce and Gabbana!!


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