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New caption contest!

Picture 025


                  No more churros for you. One year. You leave now!!


All right guys, you know the drill; beat my shitty caption!!

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English on Spanish

On our weekly shopping excursion to the wilds of the Spanish coast, I happened to see two examples of the horrendous English that is used on Spanish t-shirts, which I previously wrote about in Spanish fashion backward. I had a camera with me for once so I can finally share this with you….   

 Spanish T-shirts

 Yes that is Vanilla Ice, and yes he is hard! Hard as well…. Steel Forgings? I couldn’t even begin to tell you what the rest of those seemingly random letters and numbers are supposed to represent.


 Spanish t-shirts wrong English

I’ve contemplated the meaning of this phrase since I first saw it. I’ve come to the conclusion that my tiny intellect just isn’t yet ready for such profound truth!      


For wonderful examples of real fashion please visit my friend Annette over at The Bristol Fashion Observer!


I’m putting up a ‘normal’ post tomorrow.

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